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September 29, 2015

Hello! Busy season is definitely kicking in and I have to say... it's actually been fun so far! There's just something about this year's lineup that has me feeling extra lucky to have this job.  

Take this family, for instance. I shot Larry and Jen's wedding what seems like forever ago and now look at them! A family of 4! These girls kept me on my toes and had me laughing throughout the whole shoot. I can only imagine how well they slept after running amok in the dirt and trees :) 


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Krystle Jacot says:

Beautiful Family! Love all the pictures! ❤

(09.30.15 @ 07:55 AM)
Krystle Jacot says:

Beautiful family... Love all the pictures! ❤

(09.30.15 @ 07:55 AM)
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Yes, it's that time of year again!!!

2015 Holiday Special2web.jpg

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September 8, 2015

I met these three ladies a few years ago at a wedding photography consultation. I really just expected one... ya know, the bride. I had no idea all her sisters would join in on the fun. We had to snag extra chairs and take over the Starbucks patio, but I was instantly in love with all of them. I left the meeting crossing my fingers and toes and hoping they would hire me. And they did! 

It's just that they're all so... awesome. They laugh a ton, just ooze love for one another, and inspire instant happy feelings. When they approached me to photograph them now that their numbers have grown I was so excited! 

Can you just feel the love in all these photos? I could have photographed them forever... if only the sun hadn't set and the kids weren't melting down and the bugs weren't coming out.


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April Jahn says:

Ohhhhh....my...gosh, Amanda. These are stunning. You really are an artist and a master of your craft. I adore you and wish you could be a part of every monumental moment in our lives because you're such a genuinely great person. Thank you for capturing our little angels in such a way that reflects exactly how my heart feels whenever I hear a laugh from one of them, or see those peepers widen with joy or excitement. You're amazing!

(09.08.15 @ 04:29 PM)
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September 1, 2015

You guys. It's September. Despite the fact that it's still a million degrees outside, this makes me soooo happy. Fall is by far my favorite time of year both personally and professionally. Sweaters, hot coffee, all things pumpkin, and photographing new and old clients for their holiday portraits makes for a fun time of year. Have you thought about scheduling your session yet? It's timmmmmme! 

While you're mulling over fall portrait outfit ideas and location options take some inspiration from this awesome family. They've graced my website multiple times and they always look awesome and come ready to have fun. Their girls are quirky and adorable and so fun to photograph as they get older and become more and more themselves. Olivia is more serious and reserved... until she isn't. Then she's as silly as they come. And miss Ella is a goofball with a super lovey streak. They're always happy to give each other a hug and cheese it up for the camera. I always leave their photo shoots excited to download the photos and ogle their cuteness. 


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August 13, 2015

These two and their rain. They always bring it along to their photo shoots... we weren't even safe in July! Luckily they randomly keep umbrellas in their car and have great attitudes :) 


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