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Making photos for awesome people.


I can honestly say the best thing about my job is working with people I 'click' with. Just imagine how great a photo could be if it were made by someone that gets you and your personality. So, to see if you and I were meant to be, here's some randomness about me: 
I'm a mom to two boys... which means my immature sense of humor will always have a great audience.
I love accordions and tambourines.
Whiskey. That's a full sentance in my world. 
I met my husband (Josh) in 2000 when I took his senior picture at Sears Portrait Studio.
Pizza and Thai food make my heart happy. Mint chip ice cream is pretty damn great too. 
I love dreary cold weather. 
If I had a babysitter on a Saturday I would eat a bagel, get a pedicure, listen to podcasts, meditate, journal, and go down every aisle at Target with a cold brew coffee in hand. 
If I couldn't score some alone time on a Saturday we'd go out to breakfast, find a hiking trail, let the boys get dirty and play outside, beg the boys to agree to a family nap, give up on the family nap idea and watch movies on the couch with popcorn instead. 
I'm currently addicted to the NPR's Ted Radio Hour and the Bruce Lee Podcast. 
I quote SNL's the Best Of Will Ferrell at least once a day.
If it was in your Grandma's house I probably want it. In fact, the tackier the better.
I'm also a reiki master... well, kind of. I just don't get a lot of time to practice.
I'm covered in freckles.
Josh is always amazed by how quickly I can change into pajamas after getting home from a long day.
I sneeze a lot. A lot.
I absolutely loath putting my laundry away. 
My hair would be totally gray if I didn't dye it. I love hair dye. 
I have dental floss in my car... just in case. And I use it rather frequently.
I can't watch scary movies anymore... they give me nightmares and I keep Josh up all night tossing and turning. Josh agrees that I shouldn't watch scary movies anymore.
I'm sure there's more, but for now... that's me!

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